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 Participation with One Paper (One Author) 200 Euro
Participation with One Paper (Two or More Authors) 300 Euro
Participation with Two Papers (One Author) 300 Euro
Participation with Two Papers (Two or More Authors) 400 Euro
Virtual Presentation 200 Euro
Student Participants (One Paper) (One or More Authors) 100 Euro
Student Participants (Two Papers) (One or More Authors) 175 Euro
Participation without Presentation (Invitation Letter will be sent) 50 Euro


Dear Participants,

These fees are for Paper Presentation only. For plane tickets, Romania Tour, Accomodation, Meals and other services shall be requested and paid to the Congress Organization Firm. For more information please visit Accomodation Section of our website.

For further question please send an email to romania@incsos.com

Bank account numbers for the registration fee